Checkers Little Garden MAY BE over
but the growing
doesn’t stop here!

Why Little Garden?

For the last two years, it was all about the brands with Checkers Little Shop – a mini collectable initiative that celebrated some of the most iconic brands South Africans have come to love. This year, however, we wanted to grow the fun a little differently. Since we believe in the importance of education around food sustainability and want children and communities alike to become aware of the impact that one seed, and one garden can make, we decided to launch Little Garden, which we like to call a “collectable with a conscience”. With 24 seedling kits, the whole family can share in the fun and grow their own vegetables, flowers and herbs. And the best part? The fun never stops growing! As a testament to our commitment to food sustainability and food security, we pledged to plant a sustainable food garden in every community we serve.


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There are 24 awesome seedlings to grow. Want
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Be Water-Wise

Being water-wise is easy with these nifty tips. Your Little Garden doesn't need all that much and these tips will help you conserve water throughout your growing process. Share these tips and encourage even more people to save!


Gardening Tips & Tricks

Grow and keep your Little Garden in tip-top shape by following these nifty tips & tricks about planting, fun garden activities and more.

How To Grow A Plant Indoors

A pot plant with pretty flowers can brighten an entire room. Click the link and learn how to grow your Little Garden plants indoors.


How to Repot Your Little Garden Seedling

If your Little Garden Seedling grows too big for i...

Introducing all 24 Little Garden Seedlings

Checkers Little Garden has 24 seedlings for you to...

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