Gardening Tips & Tricks

The Little Garden blog is where you’ll enjoy fun activities and find cool things you can create at home. Click the icons below to find out How to Garden, to see Fun Garden Projects and more.

DIY Bug Spray

This bug spray works to keep caterpillars and ants away from your garden.


DIY Collectors Tray

Grab a shoebox, some paint and creativity!


DIY Fertiliser Using Weeds

Did you know, that like other plants, weeds absorb nutrients from the soil through their roots? It’s good for making fertiliser.


Planting Markers

Here’s how easy it is to give your Little Garden a makeover and a unique look.


DIY Seaweed Fertiliser

Fertiliser has many nutrients your Little Garden seedlings need to grow and if you live close to the ocean, seaweed is great for making this fertiliser.


Vertical Garden

Limited space? No problem! Here’s how to create the coolest vertical garden for your vegetables, flowers and herbs.


DIY Watering Can

To make a watering can for your garden, all you’ll need is a milk jug with a handle, screw-on top, toothpicks or a skewer.


Make Your Own Mini Greenhouse

A greenhouse creates a cosy environment for your seedlings to grow.


How To Build A Greenhouse

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