Gardening Tips & Tricks

The Little Garden blog is where you’ll enjoy fun activities and find cool things you can create at home. Click the icons below to find out How to Garden, to see Fun Garden Projects and more.

Tips for Getting Good Bugs in Your Garden

Good bugs like ladybugs, parasitic wasps, bees, spiders and hoverflies will all help your garden, follow these tips for your garden.


Great Tips for Growing Your Plants in Pots

It all starts with choosing a good potting mix and not using soil from your garden.


Where’s Gracie?

Can you spot Gracie in the Little Garden surrounded by all the Little Garden vegetables, flowers and herbs? Find her below.


Big Voices for Little Garden

The Little Garden song is great and the steps are easy to follow. Learn it and enter for a chance to win.


Little Garden Word Search

Test your skills and see how many gardening words you can find.


Little Garden Memory Game

Let’s see how many Little Garden Seedling names you can remember! Play this memory game with a friend or alone. Download here.

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