Gardening Tips & Tricks

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What is Pollination?

Pollination is how insects help plants to make seeds.


3 Ways to Find Out What Kind of Soil is in Your Garden

Here are 3 ways to find out what kind of soil is in your garden and how to fix it.


Watering Volume, Frequency and Tips

Here’s everything you need to know about watering your new Little Garden Seedling and how to keep it growing.


Anatomy of Plants

There are 3 important parts of a plant; the roots, the stem and the leaves which all keep your plant healthy.


What is Photosynthesis

How Much Do You Know About Photosynthesis? Photosynthesis is the cycle of how plants make energy.


How Life-Giving Plants Grow (Photosynthesis)

How much do you know about photosynthesis? Learn about how your Little Garden plants use sunlight to produce their own energy to grow.


Grow Your Little Garden Seedlings During Any Season

Collect and Grow Your Own Vegetables, Flowers and Herbs


How To Grow A Plant Indoors

A pot plant with pretty flowers can brighten an entire room. Click the link and learn how to grow your Little Garden plants indoors.

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