Watering Your New Seedling

Make sure your new Little Garden Seedling gets all the water it needs by watering it in the morning and not soaking it with water at night. Did you know the soil tablet only needs only 10 teaspoons of water when planting your seedling?

Build Your Own Slow-Release Water Tank

  • Get a 2 litre plastic bottle and cut off the bottom.
  • Leave the cap on the top, and carefully poke a few holes in the top half of the bottle.
  • Then bury the bottle in your vegetable garden with the open end facing out of the ground.
  • Fill the bottle with water.
  • Water will slowly flow into the soil.

Deep Water Your Plants

When your seedling is growing strong, deep water once or twice a week.

Deep watering is when you give your plants a good enough supply of water, soaking their roots. This is better than a light sprinkle of water every day.

It will encourage your plants to send their roots deep into the soil and that makes them less vulnerable during dry spells.

Water Tip

Water only where it’s needed and water at the base of the plants you want to grow.

Every drop counts

There are great ways you can save water in your home and garden. Follow these steps and start saving today:

  • Collect your shower water in a bucket.
  • Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth and use a cup of water instead.
  • Save your cooking water when you boil or steam vegetables.
  • Use a compost system to save water in your garden.
  • To save water in your garden, try mulching (this is a covering used on the ground around plants to prevent evaporation and erosion), increase organic matter and control all weeds that steal water that would otherwise be available for desirable plants.